Robert Tinnell In addition to writing FEAST OF THE SEVEN FISHES, Robert Tinnell has directed such films as BELIEVE with Elisha Cuthbert and FRANKENSTEIN AND ME with Burt Reynolds. More recently, he penned the hit graphic novels THE BLACK FOREST and THE WICKED WEST as well as the screenplay BOBBY AT WORK, an adaptation of an Anthony Bourdain novel for producers Steve Golin of anonymouscontent and Ron Yerxa and Albert Berger of Bona Fide and director David (ASYLUM) Mackenzie. He is currently re-writing his screenplay, SACRIFICE, for Fortress Entertainment. Tinnell is repped by Jon Karas of Infinity Management International.

Shannon Tinnell Shannon (Colaianni) Tinnell is a nice Italian girl who, when she isn't cooking or cleaning up after her two children, likes to read about cooking and run up her American Express bill at nice restaurants. She is currently at work on a new cookbook due out in the early fall of 2006.

Mario Marzullo Mario Marzullo is Feast of the Seven Fishes' fictional fearless intern who was put in charge of managing the blog. In real life Mario Marzullo is a hybrid of two almost-Italian ad agency employees who greatly appreciate the fact that running this blog is vastly more entertaining and rewarding than writing TV commercials for meat toasters, miracle pills and ab flatteners.

Mike Vitellaro Mike Vitellaro is a proud Italian who likes to toy with the notion that no one is more Italian than he. His middle name—Santino—means "little saint" in Italian, while his last name derives from the Italian word for veal. That said, he is completely comfortable with the fact that his full name may translate as "Michael, The Little Saint of Veal." His great granddad was a butcher in Palermo.